SoMo Lighting Design Spring 2016
Spring 2016

SoMo is an Alternate RnB artist from Texas. He is known for sexy love songs and intense live shows. Duck Lights has been proud and fortunate to work with SoMo for over 5 years, slowly building up his visual production from small clubs to sold-out 2500-cap theaters.

SoMo was looking for an attractive and unique center-piece to the stage design, so Duck Lights used trusses in the form of a triangle, which was filled with beam lights & strobes. For the outer edge, Duck Lights fabricated a custom LED Triangle for a dramatic middle-of-the-set gag. Side lighting was then used to exemplify his rock-hard abs once his shirt inevitably comes off.

Duck Lights designed and programmed the show, which was synchronized to their show using Timecode outputted from Ableton Live. The production travelled with a Duck Lights lighting tech and operator to add in venue fixtures into the show and oversee setting up and tearing down of the lighting rig.


tour length: 5 weeks
room cap range: 1,200-2,500
equipment rental: $4,000/wk


6 Robe Pointe
4 Martin Quantum Profile
1 Custom LED Triangle Prop
5 Solaris Flare
2 Chroma Q Color Force 48
1 Hazebase Base Hazer
1 grandMA2 full size