Andy Black

Andy Black US + UK Tour 2016
Summer 2016

Andy Biersack, singer of the band Black Veil Brides, released his debut solo project under the name Andy Black. The artist team wanted a light show that was both spectacular and simple to set up without a touring lighting designer. Duck Lights designed a lighting rig that was simple for their Tour Manager to set up, and also allowed them to have the same lighting rig in the UK. The entire show was controlled with a Duck Lights Plug & Play Lighting controller, which automatically synchronized the light programming with the band’s Ableton Live session.

Photos by Melanie Smith | |


tour length: 9 weeks
room cap range: 800-1,500
equipment rental: $1,500/wk


6 Martin Quantum Profile
4 Martin MAC Aura
6 Chroma Q ColorForce 12
1 Radiance Hazer
1 Duck Lights Plug & Play Lighting Controller